SMS Sending Guildlines & Restrictions

Content Restrictions for P2P & Bulk SMS

Restricted Words: The following words can get your campaigns restricted and/or banned by carriers. Businesses, COVID-19, pandemic, sweepstakes, learn more, register, smallbiz, biz, free quote, free, bank, HARP, Department of Education, entitled, reduced, refi, refinance, payment, discharge lend, lending, profanity, lender, loan, loans, fund, funds, bank, approval, approved, debt, money, rate, apply, application, CBD, transfer, qualify, forgive, forgiveness, sex, sexual, firearm(s), gun(s), weapon(s), tobacco, cannabis, marijuana, vape, vaping, $ symbol, any drug or alcohol related words, repeating symbols (Ex !!!) (ALL CAPS are also prohibited).

Prohibited Topics: The following content is prohibited. All messages that do not have Prior Express Consent any messages containing financial services, personal attacks, sex, sexual products, hate, alcohol, sweepstakes, firearms, tobacco content, vaping, weapons, drugs, cannabis, cannabis products, gambling, fraud, spam, phishing, deceptive marketing, distribution or malware or app downloads from non-secure locations, loan, debt consolidation, debt relief and student loan programs from any enterprise that is not able to grant loans itself, affiliate marketing programs that seek to obtain opt-in subscriber lists, lead generation campaigns that indicate the sharing of collected information with third parties, work from home opportunities.

Peer To Peer Texting – Sending Guildlines

  • Texts must always come from the human sender:  Tip: (Ex: “This is Mike Anderson from Senator Smith’s Campaign”)
  • Texts should come directly on behalf of the sender: Tip: texts should be from you on behalf of who you are helping & should always be in 1st person. (Ex: I’m contacting you to remind you to vote)
  • Limit Identical content: Messages should not be identical as these could look like spam when sending a large amount. TIP Use dynamic field replacements to add more variation to your messages
  • NO SPAM like messages: Tip: Messages MUST always sound natural. Just one person texting another person. TIP P2P is 1:1 texting and if it does not look and feel like a person is just sending out a message it could be blocked
  • No Shortened URLs (ie bit.lys, tiny etc) – Tip: use a real domain name
  • Always use the recipient’s name – Tip: (Hi John, this is Ed Lewis with Mike Smith’s Campaign)
  • No Redirect URLs Tip: 301 & 302 redirects where the domain stays the same are okay)
  • No Use of Restricted Words & prohibited topics: Tip: See Below
  • Links must go to a legitimate site for the registered sender. Tip: Site must contain contact information & the site owner/purpose must be clearly labeled. Ex: Elect John Smith
  • No repeat sending: do not send more than one message to a same person within a 72-hour period
Disclaimer: Saay is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. It shall be the sole responsibility of Users of Saay services to familiarise themselves with all applicable laws and conduct.

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